BOYI Prototypes

A Leading Prototyping and Manufacturing Company

We are a professional rapid prototyping and manufacturing company that integrates Rapid prototypes, precision CNC machining, rapid prototyping, aluminum alloy CNC machining parts as well as the surface treatment and mass production. We are mainly engaged in the prototype making and CNC milling aluminum alloy parts, experienced in many areas including Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Home appliance, package, and industrial parts. We also offer services to injection molding parts and die casting parts.
Our machines, engineering team, quality control measures, 5S production floor, 7×24 online customer services, helping hundreds of design /engineering companies on new projects since 2006.


Quickly Seize Market Opportunities

  • Quick response
  • Fast delivery within days

Experienced Team

  • At BOYI, core team is more than 20+ years industry manufacturing experience
  • More than 30+ support and after-sales service staff

Strict Quality Control

  • Raw material identification
  • Advanced quality inspection and testing equipment

What our advantages compared to others

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cation: SGS...
The Fastest Way To
Produce Products
Foreign Trade 24
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"BOYI has a professional team and deliver on time.What's more the quality and price are competitive.After-sales service is my favorite."

—— John Smith