What Is Pressure Die Casting?

Pressure die casting is quick, reliable and cost-effective for the metal manufacturing process. It’s similar to injection molding during works that by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity.

With these characters, die casting wildly used for high-volume production of net-shaped
metal components that have tight tolerances.

At BOYI Prototypes, we can offer Aluminum Casting, Zinc Casting, and Brass Casting, etc.
Most die castings are made from above non-ferrous metals material, as well as Titanium and stainless steel.

Advantages of BOYI Pressure Die Casting

  • Low Cost

Especial for high-volume metal parts production.

  • Excellent Surface Finish

Close dimensional control and good surface finish.

  • Complicated shapes Achieved

Make complicated geometries economically.

  • Light Weight

With thin walls, so it’s lighter in weight.

Application of Pressure Die Casting

* Automotive parts such as wheels, blocks, cylinder heads

* Aerospace.

* Electric motor housings.

* Kitchen and sanitary wares

* General hardware appliances, pump parts, plumbing parts

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